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Developer API Reference


Supported platforms
  • UNIX, using gcc 2.x or gcc 3.x (extensively tested on gcc 3.2)
  • MS Windows, using Microsoft Visual C++ 6 / Cygwin / MinGW.
Features list (in no particular order)
  • OpenGL or DirectX rendering
  • Frustum-culling
  • Hardware / software multitexturing
  • Font rendering
  • Fog
  • Plugin based structure.
  • API level support for drawing, transforming, scaling and rotating primitives (quads, triangles, lines, polygons)
  • Terrain generator plugin for creating large landscapes using greyscale heightmap images as geometry data
  • Texture loader plugin supports loading of BMP, PCX, and TGA images.
  • Loading and animating of MD2 models thru the model loader plugin
  • Own memory manager to help you eliminate memory leaks
  • Efficient logging system