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md2Header_t Struct Reference
[aeModelLoader structures.]

A MD2 header structure. More...

#include <mdlstruct.h>

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Public Attributes

int ident
 MD2 file ident. Should be equal to "IDP2" (ID polygon 2).

int version
 MD2 file version. Should be equal to 8.

int skinwidth
 Width of texture.

int skinheight
 Height of texture.

unsigned int frameSize
 Number of bytes per frame.

int numSkins
 Number of textures.

unsigned int numVertices
 Number of vertices.

unsigned int numTexCoords
 Number of texture coordinates.

unsigned int numTriangles
 Number of triangles.

int numGLcmds
 Number of OpenGL command bytes.

unsigned int numFrames
 Number of frames.

int offsetSkins
 Offset to skin names.

int offsetST
 Offset to texture coordinates.

int offsetTris
 Offset of triangle mesh.

int offsetFrames
 Offset of frame data (vertices).

int offsetGLcmds
 Offset of OpenGL commands.

int offsetEnd

Detailed Description

A MD2 header structure.

Definition at line 77 of file mdlstruct.h.

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