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Miscellaneous typedefs.

Varius typedeffings. More...


typedef bool(* aeEventHandlerCallback )(aeEvent &)
 Typedef for a event handler callback function pointer.

typedef aePlugin *(* PLG_ENTRY )(aeRegistry *aeReg)
 Typedef for pointer to plugin entry function.

typedef unsigned char uint8
 Unsigned 1-byte integer.

typedef signed char sint8
 Signed 1-byte integer.

typedef unsigned short uint16
 Unsigned 2-byte integer.

typedef signed short sint16
 Signed 2-byte integer.

typedef unsigned int uint32
 Unsigned 4-byte integer.

typedef signed int sint32
 Signed 4-byte integer.

typedef std::map< void *,
aeBlockDescriptor * > 
 This map maps pointers to blockdescriptors.

typedef std::map< aeInterface,
aeBase * > 
 This map maps pointers to aeBase.

typedef std::map< aeCamera * > aeCameraLayer
 This map contains a layer of aeCameras.

typedef std::map< aeViewport * > aeViewportLayer
 This map contains a layer of aeViewports.

typedef std::vector< aeVector3aeVector3_vector
 This vector contains aeVector3 instances.

typedef std::vector< aeTexCoord2aeTexCoord2_vector
 This vector contains aeTexCoord2 instances.

typedef std::vector< aeColor4aeColor4_vector
 This vector contains aeColor4 instances.

typedef std::map< char *,
aeObject * > 
 This map maps pointers to aeObjects.

typedef std::map< char *,
aeMaterial * > 
 This map maps pointers to aeMaterials.

typedef std::map< char *,
aeTexture * > 
 This map maps pointers to aeTextures.


enum aeInterface

Detailed Description

Varius typedeffings.

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