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aeTerrMan Class Reference

Interface to the terrain plugin. More...

#include <terrman.h>

Inheritance diagram for aeTerrMan:

aePlugin aeBase List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 aeTerrMan (aeRegistry *aeReg)
virtual aeTrianglegetObject () const
 Get the terrain object.

virtual void setOrigin (float x, float y, float z)
 Set the terrain's origin.

virtual void setOrigin (aeVector3)
 Set the terrain's origin.

virtual void setMaterial (aeMaterial *)
 Set a material for the terrain.

virtual bool loadHeightMap (char *filename)
 Load a heightmap to generate terrain from.

Private Member Functions

int height (int x, int y)
void buildHeightMapVertices ()

Private Attributes

int mapSize
int stepSize
float heightRatio

Detailed Description

Interface to the terrain plugin.

Definition at line 37 of file terrman.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual aeTriangle* aeTerrMan::getObject   const [inline, virtual]

Get the terrain object.

You can then add the object to the engine using aeEngine::AddObject().

The terrain object (as aeTriangle).

Definition at line 63 of file terrman.h.

virtual bool aeTerrMan::loadHeightMap char *    filename [virtual]

Load a heightmap to generate terrain from.

filename Path to a raw filename containing heightmap data.
true if the heightmap was loaded succesfully.

virtual void aeTerrMan::setMaterial aeMaterial   [virtual]

Set a material for the terrain.

aeMaterial * The material.

virtual void aeTerrMan::setOrigin aeVector3    [virtual]

Set the terrain's origin.

aeVector3 Vector specifying the origin.

virtual void aeTerrMan::setOrigin float    x,
float    y,
float    z

Set the terrain's origin.

x X origin.
y Y origin.
z Z origin.

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