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aeMemoryManager Class Reference

The AE memory manager. More...

#include <memorymanager.h>

Inheritance diagram for aeMemoryManager:

aeBase List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 aeMemoryManager (int blocks, int maxdumpbytes=256)
 Memory manager constructor.

Static Public Member Functions

void registerBlock (void *addr, size_t size, const char *filename, int linenumber)
 Static method: called from overloaded "new"-operator.

void unregisterBlock (void *addr)
 Static method: called from overloaded "delete"-operator.

Private Attributes

aeBlockDescriptorMap m_blockdescriptormap
 Map containing the blockdescriptors.

int m_blocks
 Dump-output: column is 4 bytes.

int m_maxdumpbytes
 Dump-output: max. amount of bytes to dump.

Static Private Attributes

aeMemoryManager * pglob_self
 Static global self ref.

Detailed Description

The AE memory manager.

Definition at line 34 of file memorymanager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

aeMemoryManager::aeMemoryManager int    blocks,
int    maxdumpbytes = 256

Memory manager constructor.

blocks Indicates how many 4-byte columns should the output dump have.
maxdumpbytes Maximum bytes to dump. Defaults to 256.

Member Function Documentation

void aeMemoryManager::registerBlock void *    addr,
size_t    size,
const char *    filename,
int    linenumber

Static method: called from overloaded "new"-operator.

It creates a new descriptor and registers it in the memmanager referenced by it's global selfptr.

void aeMemoryManager::unregisterBlock void *    addr [static]

Static method: called from overloaded "delete"-operator.

It searches for a machting descriptor in the memmanager pointed to by it's global self-ref, unregisters it and deletes it.

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