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AE Engine Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
aeActiveEventHolds info for app focus gain/lost event
aeBaseThis is a base class for interfaces
aeBlockDescriptorThis class describes allocated memory-chunks
bmpFileHeaderBITMAPFILEHEADER struct
aeCameraThis is a single camera object that can be added to the engine
aeColor3A class representing RGB color
aeColor4A class representing RGBA color
aeDataBufferA generic data buffer class
aeDirect3D9RendererDirect3D 9 rendering system
aeEngineInterface to the engine
aeEngineflagsEngine flags structure
aeEventThe AE event structure
aeEventCommandEvent command struct
frame_tA single frame structure
framePoint_tA single frame point structure
aeFrustumCullerEngine level Interface to the frustum culler
aeKeyboardEventKeyboard event struct
aeKeySymKey press info
aeLineA 3D line
aeMaterialThis class represents a material that can be applied onto an object
aeMatrix3A standard 3x3 matrix
aeMatrix4A standard 4x4 matrix
md2Header_tA MD2 header structure
aeMD2ObjectThis class represents a single MD2 model
aeMemoryManagerThe AE memory manager
mesh_tA mesh structure
aeModelA 3D model object
aeModelLoaderInterface to the model loader plugin
aeMouseButtonEventMouse button event struct
aeMouseMotionEventMouse motion event struct
aeObjectA base class for all objects
aeOpenGLRendererOpenGL rendering system
pcxHeader(A partial) PCX file header
aePluginA base class for all plugins
aePolygonA 3D polygon
aeQuadA 3D quad
aeQuitEventQuit event
aeRegistryThis class is an interface to the global object registry
aeRendererThe AE 3D graphics API
aeRendererOptionsThis class holds various renderer options
aeRenderOperationA rendering operation
stIndex_tA texture coordinate index structure
aeSystemThis class is an interface to the operating system and the window manager
aeTerrManInterface to the terrain plugin
aeTexCoord2A class representing single 2D texture coordinate
aeTextureA single texture object
aeTextureLoaderInterface to the texture loader
tgaHeaderTGA file header
aeTimerThis is a general virtual/system timer class
aeTriangleA 3D triangle
aeUtilGeneral static utility functions
aeVector2A 2D vector
aeVector3A 3D vector
aeVector4A 4D vector
aeVertexBufferA vertex buffer

AE Engine Public API Reference
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